You Are What You Think: 5 Affirmations to Create the Reality You Desire

“…he had to choose between something he had become accustomed to and something he wanted to have”

The Alchemist

“If one idea is central to yoga psychology, it is that thoughts are real and have real, tangible consequences”

The Bhagavad Gita

We create our reality with our thoughts. What we think determines what we say and what we do. What we think determines the decisions and choices we will make, all the way from what we choose to eat daily, to what career path we choose. Everything begins as a thought. The Bhagavad Gita which delves into Hindu thought explains, “just as a seed can grow into only one kind of tree, thoughts can produce effects of the same nature”. Often times we criticize the actions and decisions of others and ourselves, failing to realize it’s not the action that is the problem, but the initial thought which led to the action is the problem. Correct the thought, correct the action. If you want a different life, you need to think different thoughts.

That sounds so easy, but it is arguably one of the most difficult undertakings to engage in, especially if you are riddled with conscious and unconscious thoughts that are negative in nature. Have you ever stopped and analyzed the myriad of thoughts that run rampant through your mind all day? If not, I would urge you to do so. Become cognizant and more aware of what you are thinking. Chances are, you won’t be pleased.

The most effective way to change the way you think is the use of affirmations. Affirmations, if used consistently and fervently will rewire the brain to create the conscious and subconscious thoughts that will create the reality you desire. I would like to provide 5 affirmations to replace the negative thoughts that stem from 5 of our most frequent feelings and concerns.

1.Self-Doubt/Low Self-Esteem

I love and accept myself”


“I trust life”


“I am grounded, centered and secure”

4. Financial Worries

“I have more than enough”

5. Health Concerns

“All the cells in my body are healed and repaired”

You must say these affirmations over and over. Write them down and place them somewhere where you will see them daily. You must combat the negative thoughts that overtake you. You must become a thought warrior, slaying every negative though with the sword of affirmations. If the thought comes that, “you are not good enough”. you respond with, “I am more than enough”. And you say it again and again until the negative thought is drowned out.

This life is not for the weak willed or those who give up after the first blow. This life is for those who will fight until the bitter end. For those who refuse to accept life as is; immutable and written before birth. We have to understand that we have the power to manifest the life we desire. We must choose to wield the power we have, no matter how small to generate whatever change we can. You will either be your own best friend or worst enemy. You will either create the life you’ve always dreamed of with positive affirmations, or live the nightmare of your negative thoughts. So choose your thoughts wisely. Because what you think today, becomes your life tomorrow. Steven Covey says, ‘Begin with the end in mind’ is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things”.

Remember, the thoughts you think today, will become the life you live tomorrow.

Kathleen, “The Nutritional Truth Teller” is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator. She is the owner of Beauty In A Barbell Nutrition, whose sole mission is to optimize the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the Black community through African Holistic Health. She carries with her the ancestral knowledge and wisdom of the medicine men, women, healers and warriors she lovingly calls her ancestors.