How To Be A M.I.L.F-A Mother In Love With Fitness Part 2-Don’t Believe the Hype

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” Robert Collier

 “Burn belly fat fast”, “Drop 10lbs with this detox”, “5 easy ways to lose weight fast”; These are the advertisements that are seen all over TV and social media. They offer a quick, fast, and easy fix to get the body you desire. One thing to know if you want to be a MILF is don’t believe the hype! There is no easy, fast or quick way to get fit. It takes time, patience and commitment. Our society has gotten accustomed to getting what we want, how we want it, and when we want it. But it does not work that way when it comes to being fit and healthy. It took 9 months to attain the physique I posted on social media for my transformation photo. It took a lot of effort, a lot of squats, a lot of cardio and a lot of clean eating to get there. I gave up a lot of cookies, cakes, and French fries!  I did not see immediate results and when I didn’t see immediate results I did get discouraged. I almost wanted to go back to my old ways. Why am I giving up Pepsi and fried chicken and I still don’t see a six pack.

But I had to be careful with my thoughts and attitude. I had to remind myself that my commitment is to my journey. My commitment is to becoming a better me, a stronger me, a more confident and self assured me. I felt good when I went to the gym and did squats. I felt good when I ate my grilled fish and mixed veggies. I felt good because I knew I was doing the right thing for my body. I knew that what I did daily would ultimately determine my results and more importantly that it would take time. I had to be patient and consistent. I had to strive to stay focused on the ultimate long term goal which is NOT to lose belly fat but to be the best damn Kathleen I could be! Of course I wanted to lose the fat under my arms and that torturous back fat that protrudes under my bra; but I couldn’t make that my focus. I couldn’t believe the hype that if I took this pill or made a certain concoction of this and that I would lose that dreaded pooch.

You don’t need pills, potions, or belly contraptions guaranteeing fast results. All you need is patience and an unyielding commitment to eating clean as possible and a commitment to an exercise regime you engage in 3-5 times weekly. You will see results and more importantly you will have adapted a lifestyle which will bring you joy on the inside and even more importantly a lifestyle your children will see you engage in and they will adopt it as well. Don’t believe the hype! It won’t be easy. But it’s oh so worth it! So put in that work in the kitchen and in the gym day in and day out. Even if you fail, get back up and start again, day in and day out. Success is inevitable!