How To Be A M.I.L.F- A Mother In Love With Fitness Part 1 of 5

Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.
- Louise L. Hay

The first and arguably the most important thing necessary to be a mother in love with fitness is to love ourselves. All of our behaviors and decisions are based on the mindset we have. One can not expect to be fully committed to a workout regime or way of eating if there isn’t a mindset that will support it. The mindset that will support a healthy lifestyle is the one that says, “I am important. I am my priority. I love myself. I love my life. I love my body. I deserve to be the best I can be. I deserve to be happy and whole. I am worthy of looking in the mirror and loving what I see. I am worthy of viewing my body as a masterpiece. I am a work of art”. To be a Mother In Love With Fitness developing this mindset must be the goal. If you believe in your heart that you are important; in fact that you indeed are the most important person in your life and that you matter, your behaviors will reflect that. You will begin to see that McDonald’s is pure crap and your body is just too good to consume crap. You will begin to see that your body deserves the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants fresh fruit provides and you will choose fruit as opposed to processed, genetically modified organisms (gmos). You will choose to workout even if you hate to sweat and your legs itch when you run. Because you love yourself so much and you know you deserve to be the best version of yourself you do what’s necessary to make it a reality.

When you have children the automatic response is that they become the center of your life and in some ways they become your life. To be a MILF, you must resist that response and fight to be the center of your world. You must remain the priority. That doesn’t mean you neglect your kids and just say forget you I’m #1, but what it does mean is that you can not give anyone what you don’t first give yourself. I’ve found that Layla feeds directly off of me. My energy determines her environment. When I’m stressed, overwhelmed or depressed she picks up on that and reacts accordingly. If I’m at peace and happy she reacts accordingly. Sometimes she asks “mommy, are you happy or sad”. She’s trying to determine what mood she should be in, how should she behave based on my emotions. I learned that if I’m good, she’s good. If I’m not good, she’s not good. In essence, in order to care for her, I must care for myself. There is nothing noble in depleting myself or running myself in the ground, sacrificing my health, my wellbeing and covering it up by saying my daughter is my priority. We can’t give our loved ones what they need if we don’t first give it to ourselves.

I’ve struggled for years with loving myself. It’s something I must remind myself daily. I even say to myself within myself “I am important. I love myself. I am worthy”. This mental exercise comes before the physical exercise and making healthy food choices. A mother in love with fitness must first love herself enough to make her health and wellness the most important thing in her life. That doesn’t mean you go to the gym 5 times a week and eat healthy 100% of the time. What it means is that you may not make it to the gym for 3 weeks straight and you may have eaten the whole row of Oreos because your kid is acting a straight fool, the house is a mess, you have a million things to do and you are exhausted and really just want to cry BUT deep within your heart is the constant pull to work the miracle of love in your life. That is how you become a MILF.