Clean Eating: It’s more than what’s  in your fridge; It’s what’s in your heart. 💖

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”. 

Every decision we make stems from one fundamental principle; self-love and self-respect. Whether it’s what we choose to eat for breakfast, wear to work or school, or the career path we take, our decisions are based on the value we place on our individual lives. It took me awhile to come to grips with the fact that despite the many outside influences or circumstances that were present, I was solely responsible for my decisions and they were based on the level of worth and value I placed on myself.

Once I decided that I wanted to “tone up” and “get in shape”, the hardest concept to grasp was that my ultimate success would be a direct result of my food choices and eating habits. “You cannot out-run your fork” was something I refused to accept for the longest time. But I finally realized that if I truly wanted to see results, I would have to drastically change what I ate, how I ate and how much I ate. The process of changing my diet has been one the greatest challenges I have faced to date. And I think it’s safe to say that it will be one of the most difficult things for most of us to do. It is not an easy feat to cut back/give up the tasty, sweet, sugary, salty, fatty foods that we are used to consuming and enjoying. To give up McDonalds, Pepsi, donuts, potato chips and switch to a mostly plant based, organic diet with minimal sugar and processed foods and drinks can be a frustrating and arduous process.

The act of eating is an act of self-love. What we choose to fuel your body with is a direct result of the self-worth we have. It may seem a bit dramatic to say because I choose to drink soda with every meal is based my self-esteem and self-worth. But the truth is, it is.

Eating can be related to our emotions rather than our physiological need for food. When you fuel your body with plenty of water, fruits, vegetables, whole grains you are saying I love myself. I respect my body. I value my life. And it’s important to note that indulging in an occasional cheeseburger and fries or enjoying a bowl of ice cream is also an act of self-love. It says I have balance, I am flexible and I do not restrict myself. The journey to clean eating must start with a good look at ones self-esteem and self-love. It’s about shining from the inside out. Our outward decisions and choices will always be a reflection of what is hidden in our hearts. We must delve into why we do what we do. Why do we eat what we eat. It’s more than what’s in your fridge; it’s what’s in your heart 💞